Men's mornings

On the way home, walking as a stranger in the fear of the Lord


Being a father's… man's work!

I offer a series of men's meetings about fatherhood and being a husband. During three meetings we discuss:

Prior to the course, the film Courageous can be shown. This film is about men who are busy and neglect their families. After realizing this they draw up a statement together, in which they promise to God and each other a number of things, such as: to be a better husband to their wife, a better father to their children and to be more serious about their quiet time.


This course is a practical course. Every meeting starts with a short introduction, a bible study during breakfast with a few practical tips regarding the topic of the day and also a home work assignment to do before the next meeting. After the third meeting there is the opportunity to publicly (e.g. in de presence of wife/children) sign a pledge for God and for the others to become a better man. There is a version for men who are married and for those who are not married. Optionally there is the possibility of women and children

These meetings usually take place on Saturday mornings and include breakfast. This way the men can still spend most of the day on other things.

On the way home, walking as a stranger in the fear of the Lord



Lewalt Eland Participant men's meetings

Bert led a series of men's mornings at our church. Bert shared Biblical knowledge, but also shared his own lived experiences. The homework was no less exciting: write a letter to your own father and share it with him if possible. A challenge that was a bit outside my comfort zone, but it has given my bond with my father an enormous depth. Bert really guided us in Biblical knowledge and vulnerability, a combination that is not always obvious in these types of meetings. In addition to Sharing Lives, in my opinion it also became Changing Lives.

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