|Regional meeting days

Meeting days

A few times a year we organize small-scale events in various places in the Netherlands. This often is a morning, in a smaller setting to tell about our lives and our work. The days are spread across the country so people never have to go far to travel. In the agenda (LINK) is an overview of the next days.


We know our supporters and prayer partners, but we don't see them all regularly. These days are meant to be in at least the people we don't get to meet very often. We also encourage them to bring others along. This can be a friend, a family member or someone from church, who is interested to learn more about our work and who might be interested to support us.


We consider it to be very valuable to have such informal contact with our constituency. Everyone is welcome. We try to plan the days in such a way that no one has to go far to travel. You are more than welcome to attend the next regional meeting day, or to organize one in your church.

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