The training can be divided into two pillars: 

Cross cultural trainings

To make a connection between Christians and Muslims.

Family trainings

To strengthen the connection within the family. In marriage or as a role of husband/father.

Cross cultural training: connecting Christians and Muslims

The courses aim to build bridges between the Islamic culture and the Christian culture. They are hands-on courses on overcome boundaries that people have set between each other or between cultures or groups of people in a society. Often because they don’t know each other, don’t want to know each other. or they do not understand each other's language nor understand each other's culture or religion.

NameFor whomDurationGroup / individualLocal / online
Sharing Lives with MuslimsChristians12 hoursBothBoth
Sharing Lives with ChristiansMoslims12 hoursBothLocal
Sharing Lives youngChristian young people12 hoursGroupLocal
Sharing Lives for trainersChristians16 hoursBothBoth
Engaging with muslims in EuropeChristian educational institutions40 hoursGroupLocal
Approaches to IslamChristian educational institutions40 hoursBothBoth
The art and necessity of interfaith dialogueChristians, Muslims and Institutions30 hoursGroupLocal
Walking in wisdom from aboveChristians and Muslims30 hoursGroupLocal

Serie Sharing Lives

The sharing lives training courses all have a common basis and are aimed at connecting Christians and Muslims. The main problem is the distance between each other and the withdrawal from each other. That's exactly the opposite of what I want. I am a bridge builder. Then a bridge must be built.

All courses are bridges to get closer to each other, to get to know each other better/ to understand. A self-reflection to get to know your own prejudices that makes that you don’t (want) to understand the other. The courses aim to give you a different perspective of the other, with the intention to connect with the other in share lives together.

This course originated from my dissertation topic: how we as Christians can get closer to Muslims? I discovered that the main obstacles for this are fear and suspicion.. As a result, we withdraw instead of seeking contact. We have a idea about ​​the other, usually a negative one. This usually means we withdraw instead of connect. The same happens the other way around. If you feel unwanted, as many Muslims in Europe experience, you withdraw instead of connect. 

I want to connect Christians and Muslims, to meet, to talk. This does not happen if we all stay on our own island, or rather our own island, because we think that is the only safe place. I want to build bridges between these islands. 

Family training

In addition to building bridges between Christians and Muslims. We also want to strengthen other relationships.


Rie en Lewalt Eland Participant marriage enrichment weekend

Bert and Jenny have a disarming style, in which you feel seen and recognized. The examples were always personal, but never too heavy-handed. Instructors who can put themselves in perspective are a real blessing. Especially in the good mix between a smile and a tear, a Biblical admonition and an arm around you. Fortunately, with many assignments that you carried out with your partner and the homework that had to be done during the weekend, it really turned out to be a practical weekend. We realized how precious and fragile marriage really is, a wonderful gift.

Participant marriage enrichment weekend Participant marriage enrichment weekend

We experienced it as a good, meaningful and beautiful weekend. It was constructive, deepening strenuous and relaxing at the same time.

Participant marriage enrichment weekend

We should have a refresher course like this every year, because I still benefit from it every day.

Participant marriage enrichment weekend

It was a very nice weekend, you can really see that marriage has your heart and you really radiate that it is important to invest in it.

Lewalt Eland Participant men's meetings

Bert led a series of men's mornings at our church. Bert shared Biblical knowledge, but also shared his own lived experiences. The homework was no less exciting: write a letter to your own father and share it with him if possible. A challenge that was a bit outside my comfort zone, but it has given my bond with my father an enormous depth. Bert really guided us in Biblical knowledge and vulnerability, a combination that is not always obvious in these types of meetings. In addition to Sharing Lives, in my opinion it also became Changing Lives.

Participant Training Approaches to Islam

The course Approaches to Muslims is one of most helpful and comprehensive courses for anyone seeking to learn how to build bridges with Muslims. Students will benefit deeply by the exposure to the rich variety of approaches resulting in their ability to formulate their own approach or approaches to Islam and to Muslims especially in Europe- approaches that are consistent both to the spirit and truth of God found in the Bible. This course is both academically rigorous and profoundly practical. Dr. Bert de Ruiter utilizes substantial academic as well as relevant multi- media, digital resources in teaching this course. As a person, he is academically equipped and he has vast practical experience derived from many years of ministry to and among Muslims.

Participant Training Approaches to Islam

Thank you for your inspiring lessons. It has given us more insight and knowledge about Muslims!

Participant Training Approaches to Islam

We really enjoyed your lessons. We appreciate your wisdom, knowledge and humor. It was nice to see how you use this in your daily life. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Participant Training Engaging with muslims in Europe

Thanks Bert for all the wisdom and insight you've shared with us. It was really cool to see and feel your love for Muslims through your teaching.

Participant Training Engaging with muslims in Europe

Thank you for your insightful and well-rounded teaching.

Participant Training Sharing Lives

What I gained most from this course is that Islam is not a solid block, the same for everyone, but a Muslim is a human being of flesh and blood, for whom Islam has a personal meaning.

Participant Training Sharing Lives

I have learned that Islam is not that barbaric religion as portrayed in the media or other avenues but rather a peaceful religion whose image has been tarnished by a few fanatics.

Participant Training Sharing Lives

This course has really helped me to understand Muslim life.

Participant Training Sharing Lives

What I gained most from this course is my ability to see Muslims as I see myself irrespective of the fact that we have different beliefs.

Participant Training Sharing Lives

This course has helped me to build relationships with Muslim friends.

Participant Training Sharing Lives

This course has softened my heart for Muslims.

Participant Training Sharing Lives

As a result of attending this course I will get Get in touch with Muslims in my town. I already wanted to do this, but now I have a better understanding on how.

Participant Training Sharing Lives

As a result of attending this course I will embrace any Muslim who comes my way.

Participant Training Sharing Lives

A Good course that teaches you to relate to Muslims.

Participant Training Sharing Lives

What I will remember most about this course was the visit to the mosque; it was the first time for me and I liked it; I liked the conversation there.

Participant Training Sharing Lives

This is a very good course and has helped me to change my attitude towards Muslims as bad people.

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