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Bridge builder

Which principles form the basis of your work as a bridge builder?

Respect for each other's identity and beliefs. We're not going to speak badly or crazy about it. But you can ask questions in a respectful way. We value the other one. We look for practical ways to to connect.

What role does truth play in interfaith dialogue?

Interreligious dialogue does not aim at working towards one world religion. It is not out to deny or invalidate the fundamental differences between the different religions. Interreligious dialogue is not a form of promoting religious relativism and pluralism. We don't have to compromise the truth in order to work with people of another religion.


Can we suggest themes?

Yes, you can. For serious themes please at least 4 months in advance. The sooner the better.

For which other themes can we ask you for advice?

In addition to the themes that are mentioned on this site, I also have experience in speaking / teaching about: leadership and urban ministries. In addition, I am willing to give thematic Bible studies.


We are looking for someone to preach. What are the sermons about?

The sermons all have a practical approach. Of course there is theology and Bible exposition, but I want to make it as practical as possible. The sermons are not necessarily about the relationship between Christians and Muslims.

Which denominations within churches are preferred?

I speak in all types of denominations of churches.

Training (general)

Welke cursus is voor mij geschikt?

For an overview of the different training courses, see the training page.

I want to follow the training but live/work outside Europe, is that allowed?

Sure. You can use almost anything, but the examples I use are from/about Europe. The courses are written in the context of my own sphere of activity and that is Europe.

Which Muslims are the courses aimed at?

The training courses are aimed at Muslims living in Europe. It doesn't really matter where they come from. They could be Muslims from countries like Morocco, Turkey, Afghanistan and Iran or elsewhere.

Zijn er cursussen alleen voor christenen?

The courses Approaches to Islam, Sharing Lives with Muslims and Engaging with Muslims in Europe are oriented towards Christians and have a Christian basis.

Which courses are suitable for Muslims and Christians?

The two courses that can be taken together are: The art and necessity of interfaith dialogue and Walking in wisdom from above. The Sharing lives courses are also for both groups, but they cannot taken with Muslims and Christians together. The course Sharing lives with Christians is aimed at Muslims and takes it basis from the Qur'an.

Is there a course where I as a Muslim can learn more about Christians?

The courses aimed at Muslims and based on the Quran: Sharing lives, living with Christians, The art and necessity of interfaith dialogue (under development) and Walking in wisdom from above.

How long can I take to do the online course?

There is no time limit associated with it. However, I recommend no longer than two weeks between each lesson in order to keep the momentum.

Why is there a price difference between the courses?

This has to do with the duration of the training. The Sharing Lives training takes about 20 hours, the other training sessions take about 40 hours.

How far in advance do I have to indicate if I want you to provide the training on location?

At least 6 months in advance. The online courses are available immediately.

When can I start an online course?

You can start any time. There is no fixed starting time. There is also no end time in which the course must be completed. However, I recommend no more than two weeks in between every lesson to keep the momentum.

How many hours do the courses take?

The courses take between 12 and 40 hours.

Trainingen Sharing Lives

Why do we learn about the other faith not until the third lesson?

It is important to first get a different pair of glasses (first two lessons). This enables you to see the same things in a different way.

What is the minimum size of the group?

Between 8-12 people.

I read that we are going to a mosque / church, who organizes this?

The trainer.

Wat is de minimale groepsgrootte voor de training Sharing Lives voor trainers?

10 people, if this is not possible then you might want to consider taking the course individually online.

Who can give the course?

The course can be led by an experienced Christian or Muslim leader who has experience in dealing with both faiths. The instructor has gone through the training Sharing lives (+trainer’s course) him or herself first.

Relationship deepening: Marriage means work

Can we ask you to provide (pre)marriage training in our municipality?

Yes, we are passionate about weddings. Given our schedule, we ask for this at least 6 months in advance.

What forms of (pre)marriage training do you provide?

We can provide a series of 4/5 evenings, but also a weekend on location. The couples can stay in the location or come to the location on Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday.

What do you charge for the (pre)marriage training?

We do not charge for the hours we put in. We do charge travel and accommodation costs expenses and travel costs. We don't stay in people's houses because we also need a time to rest.

My relationship is good. Why should I participate in a (pre)marriage training?

Especially if your relationship is good, we want to help you keep it good. Marriage is an activity. We are not professionals and cannot provide support if you are in are in crisis. What we can do is give you the tools to go from a 7 to a 7.5. Or learn how a 7 stays a 7. Our offer is a maintenance service, an MOT for your relation.

What are the costs of marriage enrichment weekend?

€350 per couple (all-in). So all meals, accommodation and training.

Can the children come along?

No, it is without children. So that you have the space and time to talk to each other without distractions.

Is this training also suitable for Christians and Muslims?

Yes, we invite Muslims and Christians. We do the marriage enrichment weekend together with our Muslim friends.

Do we have to be religious to participate?

Not necessarily. It is important to know we do not adjust the material. It has a Christian foundation. If we do it with Muslims, we adjust it slightly to make it suitable for both Christians and Muslims.

Relatieverdieping: Mannenochtenden

Can we ask you to give this training in our municipality?

Of course. In view of our planning, we ask that you request this at least 6 months in advance .

What are the costs of this training?

I request reimbursement of expenses and travel expenses and €200.

For whom is the training suitable?

It can be a group of men. A men’s group in a church or several churches together.

How can I promote the men's morning?

Usually the organizers show the film Courageous at a men's movie night. During this movie night they encourage those present to sign up for the course. Also, there are examples of flyers of past courses that can be adjusted.

What is a good time for such meetings?

My experience is that Saturday morning is a suitable time for many men. If you start around 8 am you can be finished around 10:00/10:30. Then the rest of the day is still available.

Is the training also suitable for men who do not believe?

I've also given these trainings to men who weren't Christians. Everything I say and do I speak from God's word.

Is it limited to men of a certain age?

No, age is not important.

What is the minimum / maximum group size?

A minimum of 10 men is necessary for the interactions. A group of 15/25 men is ideal. There is no maximum number of men.

I am not married (anymore). is that an obstacle?

No, the course also addresses men that not yet or no longer married.

I don't have children, is that an obstacle?

No, the training also is suitable for men without children.
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