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With Sharing Lives, we're talking about sharing our lives, not just sharing knowledge. If you want to have contact with people, it requires a completely different basis than just good morning. Sharing your life is much more. It is sharing life with everyone whether in church or in the neighborhood. We then only have the extra bit of entering into relationships with Muslims. It's about planting and maintaining. But before sowing can take place, the mines (prejudices, fears) must be removed. In this way the soil can be prepared for sowing. With our work we are part of the link in someone's life. It is a process in which we do not oversee the entire chain.

Jenny works as a nurse with a multi cultural home care organization and invests in lives of people that have become their friends. 

Bert has done various academic courses. These courses helped him to supplement his practical experience with theoretical knowledge. However, at the core, Beert is a practitioner first and then a professor. He wants to makes theory practical. Likewise in making connections between Muslims and Christians. For example, to build a bridge between an imam and a pastor so that they can serve the neighborhood together. Theory is necessary, theories determine why you do certain things and why you don't do certain things do. But that not the end of the story. To make bridge building practical Bert wrote several training courses and he speaks and writes. 

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With Sharing Lives we are talking about sharing our lives, not just sharing knowledge.


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A few times a year we organize small-scale events in various places in the Netherlands.
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