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Passion for marriages

Jenny and I have developed a passion for weddings together over the years. We believe it is important to invest in our own marriage but also in that of others.

We have learned to be sensitive when people speak about the relationships. This can result in a spontaneous talk about their relationship. It may also be that we need to talk one on one first, Jenny with the woman, Bert with the husband. After this we can continue with the four of us together. In addition to personal conversations, we offer a more formal wedding enrichment course through the (pre)marriage course and marriage deepening weekends.

When we marry people, we hold the pre-interviews together and after the marriage we agree to meet at least once a year to talk about their marriage, or more often when needed. We are still in touch with couples that we married more than 10 years ago. Experience shows that certainly in the beginning of a marriage, it is good to meet up several times a year. We are a trusted outsider with whom things can be shared.

Marriage Enrichment

We do marriage enrichment weekends for Christians only or for Muslims and Christians together. The annual interfaith marriage enrichment weekend, we organize together with our Muslim friends. This weekend is for Christians, non-Christian couples and Muslims do. Also one of the partners can be religious and the other not.

Even when their relationship is good, we want to help couples to keep it good. Also we provide tools to improve marriage relationships and to turn a 7 into a 7.5. Or learn how a 7 stays a 7. What we provide is a MOT for marriages. 

It is important to emphasize that we are not professionals, we are amateurs who have a passion for marriages and have discovered and developed tools over the years. We provide no relationship therapy. We come alongside couples. If there are serious problems we refer people to professionals. We are experts by experience who want share our lives with others.


Participant marriage enrichment weekend

We should have a refresher course like this every year, because I still benefit from it every day.

Rie en Lewalt Eland Participant marriage enrichment weekend

Bert and Jenny's marriage course was the reason for us to cross half the country, but those were kilometers well spent! Bert and Jenny have a disarming style, in which you feel seen and recognized. The examples were always personal, but never too heavy-handed. Instructors who can put themselves in perspective a real blessing. Especially in the good mix between a smile and a tear, a Biblical admonition and an arm around you. Because of the many assignments we were asked to do and the home work that had to be carried out during the weekend, fortunately it turned out to be a really practical weekend. We realized how precious and fragile marriage really is, a wonderful gift.

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