About 25 times a year I preach within denominations. The sermons are of practical nature and often have to do with being a disciple, a follower of Jesus in daily life, with a biblical foundation. I am more of a teacher than a speaker. I love theory, but also want to make it concrete, to give it hands and feet. So that those who listen to the sermon how to get started.

The themes of my sermons are:

Bible teaching is something I enjoy doing. People often associate me with connecting between Muslims and Christians, but in my sermons I broaden it. 


I am regularly invited to speak at conferences, usually on topics related to relations between Christians and Muslims, the development of Islam in Europe or interreligious dialogue. In addition, I have spoken at Islamic conferences about European values ​​and Islam and wisdom in an Islamic context, among other things.


Maged Welson Pastor Evangelical Arab congregation in Amsterdam East

Bert has an analytical method of preaching that touches the mind and heart of the listener through the Word of God. We learned a lot from him. Bert is also talented in providing marital relationship counseling and couples’ counseling. As a church we still invite Bert to preach. Bert lives what he says in his sermons or writing and is a good example for the others.

Elder congregation church

Bert's sermon always has a clear and biblical theme. He translates the Biblical words in a clear way, making it easy for you to understand and remember. This encourages us to pass on the received message with enthusiasm.

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