Training Teachers

Sharing LivesWe would like to see the course “Sharing Lives” be taught in churches across Europe. Therefore we organize conferences to train Christians with a heart for Muslims and an ability and desire to teach the course Sharing Lives to Christians in their home (bible) study groups, churches, towns, cities across the country.

The trainer’s conferences start on a Thursday evening and finish after lunch on Saturday. During the conference we will look at the theological foundation and rationale behind the course Sharing Lives. We will go through the whole course together and we will also look at ways how to implement what we’ve learned in our own situation.

To attend a trainer’s conference you need:

  • to be a mature Christian and an active member of a local church;
  • to have basic knowledge of Islam and some experience in sharing your life with Muslims;
  • to have the ability and willingness to teach;
  • to be able and willing to teach the course Sharing Lives at least once within a year;

For more information and to apply send an e-mail to: