Sharing Lives Young

Sharing Lives Young is a course to counter the negative image of Christian youth towards Muslims.
Research shows that Christian young people often think negatively about Muslims. The image in society that most Muslims are violent, criminal and untrustworthy also appears to influence the attitude of Christian young people. These negative views can lead to prejudice, fear and hatred. Like adults, Christian youths need tools from God's Word to overcome their prejudice, fear and hatred of Muslims. For this reason, I have created the Sharing Lives Young course. This course is an adaptation of the Sharing Lives course that has been in use for many years in many European countries and has been translated into eleven languages.

The Sharing Lives Young course is intended to help young people aged 15 and over:
• To change their attitude towards Islam and Muslims from fear to mercy;
• Develop meaningful relationships with Muslims;
• Share their lives and the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Muslims;

The course consists of five lessons of 120 minutes each: 1. How do I view Muslims? 2. Be merciful to Muslims; 3. Understanding Muslims; 4. Hosted by Muslims; 5. A Muslim, a friend. The manual for youth workers who want to give the course consists of a workbook with fully developed lessons. Creative work forms and worksheets have been made for each lesson.

At the moment this course is available in English only. We are working on making it available in other languages.